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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  October 30, 2013 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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us,f you are just joining and emotional moment. breaking news. it is 12:00 french time, local time, midday, and the four french hostages who have been held captive in normal -- in by al qaeda for three years are back on home soil, greeted by french president françois hollande tom along with the foreign minister and the defense minister. and of course most importantly to them, their families. catherine, what can you make of the emotions from where you are?
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yes, very emotional scenes, very joyous scenes. we saw lots of smiles and former as the four french hostages landed back on home soil and were reunited at long last with their families. imagine, huge smiles all around, and they have spent just a few minutes talking, touching up, on three years in which they have not seen their loved ones, and that many times they did not have news of them. doubted perhaps whether they were still alive given all the conflict. very worrying months and years, but now they are reunited. french president françois hollande and the foreign minister also on the tarmac to greet them, emotional scenes as and airplane doors opened the hostages came out with big smiles and family members ran towards them and embraced them.
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>> the families came to greet them. we know in at least one instance, it has been a long trip for the family, particularly that of the area thierry dol's family. >> yes, they had an overnight flight, not long before theory doll -- see thierry dol arrived. coming up from the south of france, they were informed of the news that their loved one had been released at long last. president announced that he was making a trip to slovakia, and they were given the news. they have been waiting for this moment, for this reunion. >> catherine, do we know what
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happens now? they have been in france for about 7, 8, 9, 10 minutes. do we know what happens now? told that after a little bit of time with their more than three years in captivity, they will be taken for parliamentary medical tests here at the military airport on site for initial tests. after that, that will continue. the military hospital in paris. they will have a more detailed medical examination because this has obviously been a very long and difficult ordeal in very difficult conditions. we have seen smiles there, we have seen the hostages walking unaided. relatively good given the long years of captivity in the desert at the hands of al qaeda. but they will be wanting to go -- they will want to undergo
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,etailed medical examinations also psychological examinations. after that, in the days to come, there will be debriefings with french intelligence, trying to get as they can from al qaeda will stop these men who held them hostage, how they function. finding out exactly what they saw, details, anything they can remember to get the timeline of their three years in captivity. the zone in which they were held has been tumultuous for years, and earlier this year we saw the when frenchern mali troops working with molly and other african troops -- with mali and other african troops -- and the malian authorities. still looking for intelligence, any information they can gather from the four former hostages. >> what a happy thing to see you
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french when you cover the french military intervention in molly, you said there was fear -- in mali, you said there was fear that perhaps the french military might be a big risk for the lives of the hostages. it is something you were acutely aware of as you were covering the story in mali. >> absolutely, and members of the french army we spoke to on the ground during that offensive in northern mali, the beginning of the year, that was very much in their minds. of course the four hostages were seized in 2010 am a and there were fears that the chaos and further turmoil in the region would have repercussions, perhaps even fear that there would be repercussions that they would be harmed because of the french leading the way in a military operation.
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clearly, happily, that was not the case, but there were times when that was moved around, french officials saying they had doubts of where exactly there where -- they were. in the mountains, in the very difficult terrain there, there were fears of what happened to the hostages, and then would they be caught up in any airstrikes or military operations, or would they perhaps be able to take advantage of the turmoil and free themselves. some french military officials were hoping that might be the case at the time. . >> catherine, just a moment, if you will -- you mentioned the fighting in the mountains. we are looking at pictures. let's bring them back up on screen for our viewers to know we are talking about the circumstances in which the living conditions for the of thes -- this is one most inhospitable regions in the world, where the hostages were held, somewhere deep in these
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mountainous regions. you are looking at pictures shot by our very own photographer in northern mali earlier this year when the french troops were -- the is a map of the region reach of al qaeda straddles many countries -- algeria, new chair -- niger, and you are looking at niger whereown in the hostages were taken. this is what it looks like and this is where they spent the last three years. >> i will mention it is not a coincidence they were taken to this remote mountainous region of northern mali. you cannot tell by that map, we are talking about eight fast server to regions -- desert
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regions where you are just (a across the plain. there is no cover. it took to that region because there was water there and they have readouts, shelters there. and they can hide them better. you have topographical cover. it was a region in which you have vast stretches of desert where there was nothing for hundreds of miles. this provided a modicum of cover. >> thank you very much. you have been following the arrival of the four french hostages, back in france, greeted by french president francois hollande. they are now out of sight of the cameras. they will undergo a quick medical check. no press conference scheduled at the moment, but we will be getting you much more on this
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developing story as soon as we get it. >> saturday night in a suburb of celebrating his departure with some of his friends. this traditional celebration -- for all turkish men over 20. some conscripts remain traumatized. among them is this young man we met in the same neighborhood. four years after his return, he continues to suffer the physical effects of his time in the army. he states he was tortured by his superiors, who believed he was faking the pain in his leg.
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hospital for an x-ray. when it came back clear, he he beat me for three whole days. >> his hip was fractured in four places and his leg is now a full centimeter shorter than before. the military tribunal levied a fine on his sergeant. his father believes this is a scandal and is preparing a case for the european court of human rights. >> i send my son off in perfect health. he came back crippled. his superior officers should have been punished but they were not. also -- his son was killed. officially the cause of death was sunstroke, but according to witnesses on the scene, he fell into a coma as a result of physical abuse. >> i was beaten and handcuffed to a chair where he passed out
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he was left in a chair in the heat, and that is what killed him. >> the brutality experienced by soldiers during military service is often trivialized in this profoundly nationalistic country. >> while some guys have a screw loose and find fault with everything, they beat the soldiers. follow the rules there. if you do not, you face consequences. >> one association is fighting to defend conscripts from a similar fate. one and 1000 complaints have been registered since 2011. statistics are appalling. every three days acer -- a turkish soldier commits suicide, or than double those killed on the front in the past 10 years. >> we compare the number of suicides, their suicide rate was 2.5 times higher from age 18 to
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21. >> today the right to conscientious and action is being debated in turkey. the results could affect the size of nato's second largest, 75% of which consists of conscripts. >> defeating l'oreal, 2-0. l'oreal starting their season -- it was an even game of few chances. american international broke the deadlock with 17 minutes to go. sure of the made result in the closing seconds.
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[cheers] elsewhere, a big shock as second division, the 2011 league a poor start to the season continues. division with an extra goal from emerson. david beckham is starting a major-league soccer franchise in miami. he had the option to become -- he joined the la galaxy six years ago. provisionally, the franchise was active from 1998 to 2001, for closing due to or crowd -- due to poor crowd. jock of its reached the paris hebert., defeating
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he played the tennis of his life and even had two setpoints. a tiebreak was forced, which ? which won. he posted at 6-3. seed.erican 13th the disappointment for home favorite jo-wilfried tsonga her. despite -- he blew hot and cold in the next sets. in the second set, it went to a tiebreak. 6, 7-6, 7-y winning 1- 6.
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>> well, i might have won today, but mischa cory was more solid. i was more solid especially during key moments of the match. but looking at the positives, it reminded me i almost did not reach this far in the season. asked the question whether we should continue the season a couple of weeks ago. i decided to, and it was the right decision because i have taken some positives. , soached the paris masters have made it to the virtual end of the season. richard gasquet base his chances of reaching the finals for the first time in six years. the french ninth seed squandered three points in the opening set before taking it 7-5. the spaniard ranked 24 places
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below them took the second set tiebreaker. t cameess k -- gasque through. woods may have lost to mcelroy in china on monday, but the world number one is already looking forward to next season. it was woods' first outing since the presidents cup. despite battling a cough, he still recorded a 568. he would love to win another major this year -- next year. always, tryings to peek at those four events. this year i was at the chance of a back nine at 204. the british open, i had a chance and unfortunately did not get it done. fourully next year, at
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venues that i like and i played well on. hopefully next year will be a little better. >> he still thinks that there is ofe to break the record fellow american jack nicholas. >> yeah, absolutely. nicklaus. >> a lot of guys have won a lot of majors post 40. the great thing about staying play at at we will high level for a long period of time. i will be able to compete at this level for a long period of time. theaking advantage of slumping rory mcilroy, he returns to the top.
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>> of course the big news in the french papers today are the release of the four hostages. >> there was a wave of emotion, that they cannot believe it. let's look at the front page -- the simple word with an exclamation mark. usech papers do not exclamation marks very often. free after 1000 days in captivity. let's take a look. ."e simple word "at last the photo once again of the four men. of relief."gh editorial, "this is a relief not only for the families
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of the hostages but also for france." they also talk about incredible emotion today, and if you are interested to know more about the four hostages, there are portraits of them, details about their family lives, what they were up to before their lives were put on hold for three years. ofalso on the months negotiations behind the scenes to secure their release here. >> there is an interesting article today that talks about the secret negotiations that almost fell through several times, and the several attempts to free the hostages, which also failed. there were three channels of negotiations. france, the secret service, and all their partners in the region, but all of this looks very competent by the french military operations in mali. press and french francois hollande have been clear to stress how important niger was in the release.
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it was the niger president that said that the men had been released. the third channel is the private channel, negotiations. this is something that we are also coming up about, the details of their release. it is still hazy for now. one key question is whether or not there was any kind of compensation. the government has been very clear that there was no ransom, and a lot of the french papers are saying there was no ransom. look at the a french policy. an article appeared in march. the policy for the last couple of decades has been to say officially we will not pay a ransom but then behind-the- scenes ransoms were paid. when francois hollande came to , he made it clear there was going to be a drastic change in doctrine, that they would no longer negotiate with hostage takers, but they're there would
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no -- there would be no monetary transfer. have things changed? interviews and african specialist who says a ransom was certainly paid all stop france as a state may not have been in the frontline line of paying this ransom, but there was a ransom that was paid privately through the -- probably three private sector. >> a bit of a sigh of relief for him politically. >> helps illuminate -- absolutely. a lot of papers are saying that this is a victory for hollande, pointing out that he is at a record low once again in opinion polls, and advisers around him are thinking at last we have some good news to tell french people. but this article points out that hollande is being modest about this because he does not want to seem like he is using it for political gains. but this international victory does not stop him from facing serious domestic problems.
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this hostage release is a divine surprise for him all stop his government is being blasted by the right of center but also the left for not being able to make up its mind especially about the government's tax policy. yesterday the government contract on a tax called the eco-tax after violent demonstrations against it. a lot of papers have the feeling that if it were not for the hostage release, it would have been a dark a for hollande. there is a cartoon today that points out just how he is almost happy about this. that our french hostages can come home to my and the advisers in the background saying there is progress in the way that hollande is dealing with the crisis. worry, he got lambasted in the press today despite this victory. let's take a look at the front page -- "can he still do anything?
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palletizedent seems -- seems pallor that -- seems polymerized -- seems paralyzed." "thego further to say government is paralyzed." >> thank you. web users in china bypass censorship. growing opposition to shale gas fracking in canada. display ofedible rope skipping.
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a car plowed through a crowd of people in tandem and square in china monday. the deadly car -- in tm an iananmen square monday. all posts and other images about the crash were soon removed from official networks. an official media agency alluded to a mysterious road traffic accident. sents of web users have videos and photos taken by witnesses on twitter, which is not censored. a thick cloud of smoke covers the square, and also the burning vehicle just below mao's portrait. showing how quickly the chinese authorities quickly cleared away any traces of the incident. theral hours after collision, and despite a heavy
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police presence, everything went back to normal in the square. tourists were already back on the screen -- on the scene. a disturbing parallel with a similar accident in tiananmen square back in 1982. a car plowed through dozens of people at the same place 31 years ago. also leaving five people dead. opposition to hydraulic fracking for shale gas has intensified in the canadian process -- in the canadian province of new brunswick. they are concerned about the impact it will have on natural resources. barricades were erected to stop a gas exploration company from carrying out their seismic testing. as we can see from these online images, several of the police interventions of the shifting cam and have descended into
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clashes and sometimes even riots. online as to what they see as excessive use of force by the police. the escalating violence as come through a wave of solidarity all over canada, with many staging demonstrations. it has been widely coordinated by several networks. applauding the protesters and the citizens to find this online petition, calling for the police to refrain from using violence against anti-fracking protesters. operation frack off
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